The One Story

Over 8 million tons of plastic enters our oceans polluting our worlds' largest water supply and killing over 100 million marine animals per year. 

It is estimated that there are 4.5 million victims of sex trafficking worldwide, with over 10,000 women trafficked and trapped in Kolkata, India's sex slavery industry alone. 


We are on a mission to help


Through the sale of: 

100% Organic Cotton Fair Trade T-shirts 


100% Organic Loose Leaf Teas 

We provide the highest quality, most natural products with a percentage of all profits going back to organisations working first hand with these issues.

Each 100% organic wellness tea and 100% fair trade organic cotton T- shirt has a specific goal to help a part of our planet at threat and our people in need the most. Check out our beautiful Teas and T-shirt pages for more on how they do this!  

Trapped in a world of extreme consumerism:

One was founded with the idea of providing specially crafted organic products to help our planet at threat and people in need, through the goodness of a product to enjoy.

One was established by me, Lauren, to create a social enterprise providing the highest quality organic products making you happy and in the process supporting organisations on the front line of our worlds most serious issues.

We have successfully designed some very special product ranges each with an extra significant mission. I ask you to indulge in One and join in making the world a more peaceful and secure place!  

 Grab a One product knowing you are giving one back TODAY.