Organic cotton, the new way to go green

Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics worldwide. According to statistics, 25 million tones are produced worldwide every year, that is a lot of cottons to produce. Making 25 million tons of cotton every year is no easy feat, so to get the required amount; farmers are cutting corners and resort to using artificial materials blended in the cotton or bombard the cotton with titanic amounts of pesticides to make the cotton grow faster.

Pesticides, when used correctly, can be very beneficial to growth, but when used in huge amounts can make the cotton not only of a weaker variety fabric but also tend to make the end material harmful to human skin.

The pesticides effect on the end product is not the end of the damages that occur when it’s used extensively. Pesticides seep through the soil into water reserves and from there they move on to rivers, freshwater supplies, lakes and oceans. This chain can cause havoc on nearby ecosystems and also be detrimental to our animals, environments and ourselves.

Imagine drinking a glass of water that is filled with pesticides because a near cotton farm is using an excess of pesticides to hyper-grow their cotton, not so pleasant a thought is it?

One single shirt is not worth the pollution and poisoning of an entire village in India, Pakistan, and South America or anywhere where cotton farms lack decent regulations.

So, what are some reasons why you should go for organic cotton and not regular cotton:

  1. Organic cotton means that it is hand-picked and not machine harvested. This ensures that the cotton fibres stay intact and the quality of the cotton remains top-notch, also more people have the chance to be employed when the cotton is hand-picked compared to when it is machine picked.
  2. Organic cotton is grown from 100% natural seeds in comparison to traditional cotton farming, which uses genetically modified seeds (GMO) that are more bug, disease and climate resistant. Natural seeds have not been dosed with pesticides or other harmful means to make it grow and the bugs are controlled with insects that kill the pests. As a result, organic cotton products are safer for the skin and the process is much safer for the workers involved in harvesting.
  3. As we mentioned earlier, traditional farming methods use a ton of harmful chemicals to grow the cotton, even if you wash the final product thoroughly, it has no guarantee that you will be able to remove the remaining pesticides. By choosing organic cotton, you will not only have a safe final product, but also a higher quality fabric.

Those are some of the many benefits that come by buying organic cotton clothes. When you go organic, you not only help the environment but also the many people that bring the final product to you. You will get a better quality fabric and also will feel good not just because it is softer, but also because you know that in buying organic cotton made, you will feel good about the contribution that you have made to help our planet. It might seem like a drop in the ocean, but remember that the ocean is nothing but trillions of tiny drops and it all started with one.